Investing in the Future


Delivering Results

Our commitment to ESG and sustainability is measured in our performance.


Our Community

Throughout the year our Pacific Cares program organizes events to benefit non-profit organizations in the local communities.


Our Team

Our team is provided with ongoing ESG training, access to a corporate wellness program, and annual career pathing conversations, all designed to foster greater well-being.


Our Residents

We provide resources like sustainability educational materials, community events, and resident satisfaction surveys to help promote healthy, sustainable living.


Our Property Managers

Our property management team receives regular training, along with policy updates, surveys, and sustainability assessments, that enable them to make ESG a priority.


Our Supplier Partners

We prioritize working with supplier partners who have demonstrated a commitment to sustainable procedures and products.


Our Investors

Our team communicates and provides regular updates to our investors on our EcoLogic ESG Program.

Our Sustainability Goals

Explore our ESG objectives below, which provide the roadmap for our goals and targets as part of our EcoLogic ESG Program.

Tall buildings with tree coverage.

PMI Portfolio Targets

We believe being green creates a sensible and livable environment for everyone. Our EcoLogic ESG Program was created to reduce energy and water consumption, promote recycling, improve indoor air quality and increase awareness to create healthier and more sustainable communities throughout our portfolio.

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Improving Conservation

As an Energy Star Partner, we improve energy and water efficiency through utility benchmarking, fixture and equipment retrofits, and the specification of efficient products. We apply a set of best practices and product specification standards to every project we’re working on.

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Bettering IAQ

We are reducing individual sources of pollution such as products that contain harmful Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs), and by promoting clean air best practices. This is all designed to improve indoor air quality at our communities.

Reducing Landfill Impact

97% of our portfolio has a resident recycling program. These programs, in conjunction with specifying durable products that contain post-consumer material, and implementing waste reduction best practices demonstrate our commitment to reducing our impact on landfills.

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Spreading Sustainability

We have partnered with like-minded organizations to develop sustainability policies and procedures for our communities. It is our goal to increase the awareness and adoption of healthy and sustainable best practices, and the best place to start is with our communities.

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ESG Case Studies

See our impact in action.

Reports & Disclosures

Dive into the documentation demonstrating our commitment.